Today’s students will one day join a talent pool and workforce that includes thousands of CSU graduates who have been influencing and advancing society’s collective good for the better part of 50 years.

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“I’m well aware of the nature of this university and the students and the need that they have not...

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CSU Foundation Board


Timothy J. Cosgrove, Chair
Nancy W. McCann, Vice Chair
Steven W. Percy, Treasurer
Linda M. Kane, Secretary


Anthony S. Bakale
John J. Boyle III
Dwayne Bray Sr.
Nikki Byrd
Lonzo Coleman
Jerome Davis
James Deiotte
Diane M. Downing
G. William Evarts
Daniel Fashimpaur
Sarah C. Flannery
Richard Fleischman
Sally Florkiewicz
Myles Gallagher
Leah S. Gary
Brian Gevry
Debra Green
David H. Gunning III
Cornelia C. Hodgson
Ramona Hood
Thomas E. Hopkins
Richard A. Janus
Kenneth P. Jayjack
Michael Jeans
James A. Kandrac
Ariane Kirkpatrick
Janet L. Kramer
Thomas J. Kuluris
Joseph J. Levanduski
Morton Q. Levin
Bracy Lewis
James C. Mastandrea
John J. Matejka
Steven A. Minter
Michael Niederst
Thomas O’Toole
Mary Grace Pattison
Carolyn Rains
Robert H. Rawson, Jr.
Daria L. Roebuck
Enid B. Rosenberg
Robert J. Rosing
Harlan M. Sands
Joseph M. Shafran
Terry L. Silver
Jeffrey A. Vavruska


Ronald M. Berkman, Ph.D.
Michael Schwartz, Ph.D.


Richard A. Barone
Annette G. Butler
Anand Julka
S. Lee Kohrman


Berinthia R. LeVine, Executive Director
John N. Petrus, Assistant Treasurer
Bridget C. Sukys, Associate Director


Ted Beltavski
David G. Cole
Jeffrey M. Davis
David J. Fornari
Tari S. Rivera


Vickie Gallagher

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