Today’s students will one day join a talent pool and workforce that includes thousands of CSU graduates who have been influencing and advancing society’s collective good for the better part of 50 years.

Living a life of service

The lightbulb went on for Lina Billings when she walked in the big arena, the ceiling draped in fine...

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Student Support & Scholarships

Many students who do not complete their CSU degrees are academically sound, proficient in their studies, and positioned for success. However, many simply cannot afford to finish.

It’s a phenomenon that Cleveland State hopes to eliminate, and it’s why scholarships, and your support, are so vitally important.

Students struggling to afford college are more likely to take on additional loans, accrue credit card debt, and take a leave of absence. Many also have to work too many hours outside of class, which is proven to have a negative effect on retention and graduation rates.

All of these economic challenges cause some CSU students to “step in and out of college,” with many having no choice but to give up on their educations altogether.

Your support directly affects this most pressing need, alleviating the pressures that cause some students to simply give up, only a few short steps away from obtaining a college degree.

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