Today’s students will one day join a talent pool and workforce that includes thousands of CSU graduates who have been influencing and advancing society’s collective good for the better part of 50 years.

Engineering a sustainable future

Kristen Reyes quite literally wants to the leave the world a better place. “I believe that we’re all stewards of...

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Thriving in the unknown

Chris Chajon shuns monotony, enjoying the challenge of embracing rapid and progressive change. That’s why when you ask the junior computer engineering major what he wants to do with the rest of his life, his answer makes sense.

“Anything in coding,” he says simply.

That might be in cyber security; it could be in web development. It doesn’t matter. Chris is drawn to the ever-expanding quality that defines the field.

“Programming is always changing,” he says.

“We’re always updating different formats, making programs easier and adding new ways to do things. It’s not linear.”

Given his penchant for quickly adapting to the unknown, it should also come as no surprise that he describes his time in the Washkewicz College of Engineering as “smooth sailing.”

It’s not that he hasn’t been challenged. Chris enrolled at CSU because of the engineering college’s reputation for being one of the best in the area. And when he arrived, he says that the school certainly lived up to his expectations.

Chris has thrived largely in part because it seems it’s a part of his nature to dig deep and work hard. He says he’s also learned the valuable skill of time management, balancing a course load that would send the uninitiated reeling.

When he graduates, he’ll be a part of the over 80 percent of Cleveland State alumni, who remain in the region to work.

Chris hopes to stay close to his parents in Lakewood, looking to invest his expertise back into Northeast Ohio and, when the time comes, provide for his own family.

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