Today’s students will one day join a talent pool and workforce that includes thousands of CSU graduates who have been influencing and advancing society’s collective good for the better part of 50 years.

Destigmatizing postpartum depression

It was only when Eugenia Sweet’s coworkers suggested that she was suffering from postpartum depression that she sought help....

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New Endowments

Endowments are donated funds that are invested to grow over time. The annual distribution from endowment income is used for scholarships, professorships, programs and other purposes specified by the donor. Endowments are critically important because they produce a permanent and reliable income flow that benefits the University and its students.

Walenty & Maryann Trela Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Dianne B. Cherry Award Fund
Ruth A. Kabat Scholarship in Nursing
The John and Patricia Thompson GRHD Seminar Series Endowed Fund
Levin Family Fund for Innovation
Nathan N. Hoffman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charlotte Ibele Scholarship Fund Quasi Endowment
Ann M. Frangos Mathematics Scholarship
The Bonnie and Peter Raquet High Impact Learning Endowed Fund
American Concrete Institute NE Ohio Endowed Fund
Health Sciences Motion Analysis Lab Endowment Fund
Bernie Moreno Sales Center - Endowed Scholarship Support
The Pratt Center an Endowed Fund
The Lela M. Schier Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
The Lela M. Schier Endowed Scholarship in Economics
The Modern European History Charles Z. Adamson Memorial Scholarship
The James F. Kochan Endowed Fund
The Edward F. Rybka Memorial Fund for Polish and Jewish Understanding
Class Dean's Opportunity Fund
The Robert P. and Leatrice B. Madison Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gean E. Morrill Special Education Endowed Fund
The Richard A. Boyd Scholarship Fund
The Neale Foundation Fund for Urban Affairs
The John Baker EMBA Endowed Scholarship Fund
Vera Vogelsang-Coombs Memorial Endowed Fund
Werner G. Barthol Memorial Scholarship for Cleveland Marshall
Eric and Jill Olwert Endowed Scholarship
The Richard A. Boyd Scholarship Fund
Vir K. and Genella Sondhi Endowed Scholarship
The Robert W. Lyczkowski Endowed Felowship Fund

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