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Radiance celebrates $6.4 million for student success initiatives

Posted May 16, 2023 in Articles

Radiance celebrates $6.4 million for student success initiatives
Radiance celebrates $6.4 million for student success initiatives
Radiance celebrates $6.4 million for student success initiatives
Radiance celebrates $6.4 million for student success initiatives

Over 400 CSU donors, supporters and friends packed the university’s Glasscock Family Foundation Ballroom on May 11 to celebrate the power of philanthropy at the 12th annual Radiance event.

When the CSU Foundation launched Radiance in 2011, the goal was to support juniors and seniors, who had excelled academically, but were facing financial challenges that threatened their continued enrollment. Since then, millions of dollars have helped countless students cross the finish line.

In 2020, Radiance expanded to include financial assistance for students at every point of their CSU experience. With a new, full spectrum of philanthropic opportunities, Radiance enables CSU to attract students, help maintain momentum, and finish college.

Freshman finance major Chaney Sims served as this year’s MC.

“When I started classes in the fall, this is not how I envisioned ending my first year of college,” she said.

“But that’s what CSU does. You come in with your expectations, but then your professors, the staff and your friends encourage you to dream even bigger.”

JaNae Hambrick, a senior political science major, recounted how financial woes almost derailed her college career — with just a few classes left to complete – and how scholarship support was her lifeline.

“Late last year, as my tuition balance grew, I’d see myself in a dark tunnel with a glowing light far ahead, she said.

“Typically, seeing a light at the end of a tunnel meant that your dark times would soon be over. But, in my mind, that light was the ominous headlight of a train barreling toward me, threatening to destroy every dream I have. I don’t feel that way anymore.”

In all, the university received $6.4 million for student support, helping thousands of students during the 2022-23 school year.

“We’re helping to change lives,” said Julie Rehm, vice president for advancement and executive director of the CSU Foundation.

“And I’m thrilled about it.”

Philanthropists Judy and Mort Levin were awarded the President’s Medal, the university’s highest non-academic honor during the event. The two — and their family — have partnered with the CSU community for over two decades, supporting the university as donors and key volunteers.

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