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Why We Give

Posted March 29, 2019 in Articles

Meredith Bond, dean of CSU’s College of Sciences and Health Professions (COSHP), is an only child whose parents raised her to believe she could be whatever she wanted to be. To honor the memory of Jean and Ken Bond, she and her husband, Toni Scarpa, established a scholarship to support COSHP students. Dean Bond and Dr. Scarpa, retired director of the National Institutes of Health Center for Scientific Review, are among CSU’s most generous and consistent donors.

Why We Give

Why establish a scholarship?

We wanted to honor the memory of my parents but also support promising students in our college who were in financial need. The fact that very capable and deserving students are struggling financially to the point of working full time or two or three jobs is simply not fair. Science courses are challenging and getting top grades requires that students devote as much time as possible to their studies. We thought that our help could be a bit of an equalizer. It was, and it makes a big difference.

You also support Math Corps and other CSU programs?

In a world where the dreams of children are so often unfulfilled or not even encouraged, and where obstacles to success are daunting, Math Corps is all about making a difference and changing lives. We see the 120 middle school and high school students enrolled every year excel in math, opening the doors to their future success in science and engineering. This program makes a measurable and enormous difference. It is too valuable to the lives of inner city kids to not support!

What do you get from helping students?

Much philanthropy is targeted to costly buildings, stadiums, sport programs and libraries. Investing directly in deserving students is very different: it has a tangible, observable factor in the academic progress, careers and lives of our students. We strongly believe that talent should not be wasted – and that students of limited financial means should be given an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and succeed in science careers.

We could not think of a better way to see how a little money could have such a large impact. Witnessing their successes and career development is, for us, priceless and emotionally rewarding.

We both admire and love CSU for its success in transforming, empowering and unleashing the potential of our students. Most universities have good students who will do well; but they will do well anywhere. CSU’s work in enrolling a large number of students with the greatest challenges and helping them become great students, citizens and leaders is unique and one of the greatest treasures in Cleveland.

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